To The i’s Of Spartan

Written by: Carlos T.
Just as in team, there is no “i” Spartan.
Or, is there?
The Spartan Race and OCR community is built on team work, helping each other and the strong bond we build with complete strangers on the course. Quite often turning into great relationships.
image1.JPGBut, the OCR community in general is plagued with the hidden “i’s”.  From the trolls, who for the love of everything holy, can’t take anything serious and spend more time annoying and making fun of everyone else instead of focusing on improving themselves and helping others…
To the selfish pricks who think, that because they can run a little faster than others, they are above others and hypocritically enjoy to see you fail while using others to their benefit.
So if you look closely, it turns out there is indeed an “i” in Spartan. It is in the same place as in team… In the A-hole.
To the “i’s” of Spartan, don’t be the “i” in the A-hole… Be the team player and community leader that inspires progress. Make yourself a better athlete and person by helping other improve themselves.
Carlos Taveras, AFAA, SGX
IG/Twitter: @MrPixFitness | THë SHäRK