How The Holley’s got started in Obstacle Course Racing

Written by: Stephanie & Terrance Holley
Instagram: @theholleyz
“A 5k, are you kidding me?!”

Those were the first words that came to my head when he showed me the Groupon for Rugged Maniac in 2015. We’ve been together since 2009 (married since 2014) and neither of us have ever been the athletic type but I wanted to make him happy, so I agreed thinking this was going to be a once in a lifetime thing.

I started going to the gym every now and then with him to start training. Rugged Maniac finally came in September and we made it through all the obstacles (no surprise for him) but I was hooked once I got the medal!

 Rugged Maniac
Later that night, we bought our next race, scheduled less than a month later, BattleFrog Austin. We definitely started training harder since BattleFrog would be longer/more intense, and once he received this medal he was addicted and an OCR couple was formed.
BattleFrog Pic
Terrance and I knew the races would get harder from there so our workouts became more intense. We began serious cardio and strength training, and doing obstacle based workouts (farmer’s carries, pull ups, & OCR gym – MYLO). The week of our race we like to stay hydrated, rested, and do lots of foam rolling to stay loose.

Gym PicHow we keep each other motivated to finish:

We motivate each other a lot in the gym by cheering for new personal records and always remaining positive. This carries over to OCR because we are able to push each other and make one another dig deep. He is always my rock when racing…if I fall I know he’s always there to catch me, literally!

Spartan Race Houston Savage Race Houston Monkey Bars BF Dallas
What makes us special:
We literally started working out 10 months ago because of OCR, and have become a better couple with this lifestyle. We have an unstoppable drive and a never give up attitude – regardless of how the race is going. We can’t see the finish line of this OCR journey, so we’re definitely the definition of an OCR Couple!
Spartan Pic Holleymode

Here is a link to our video from the AT&T Stadium Spartan Race, Spartan Sprint if you wanted to check it out: