#TeamMeAgainstMe with Team Leader Jo-El Rowell


If you have been scrolling along your Instagram account then you’ have likely seen a new hashtag in profile bio’s, Pictures, and caption- #TeamMeAgainstMe.

And the team is only getting bigger.

We had no idea where #TeamMeAgainstMe originated nor we did know who was behind the hashtag. But everyone is joining team, and why not? One thing is for certain- every member of the Team brings a unique perspective and inspiring story to become better than yesterday.

Joining us today is Team Leader- Jo-El Rowell

What is Team Me Against Me(TMAM)? 

Team Me Against Me is a team with the sole purpose of connecting people who enjoy participating in OCRs. 

What is the overall goal of TMAM?

The overall goal is to become the largest OCR team

How does this team compare to other regional teams in the Obstacle Course Race World? Can we expect to see Team MAM compete in an elite race?

This team compares to other regional teams in the since we are connecting people in the sport of OCR and building a community, but we differ in the fact of being regional. Our team will be global, so no matter where you go you have teammates waiting with a smile and a hug. We currently have 85 members in 23 States and 2 oversees. We have members including myself, who compete in elite races. We even have had some members podium.


What sponsors does Team MAM have/hope to attain?

We are apart of the Inspyr Socks Tribe. So you can see our members sporting all of their wonderful Inspyring messages on our feet. Use promo code ‘MEAGAINSTME’ for 20% off to get your very own pair at www.inspyrsocks.com. We are currently working on a couple different sponsorship’s but I’m not going to say who just yet. We will partner with any company that can commit to help our members be better than they were yesterday.  

Can anyone join Team MAM?

Yes, anyone can join Team Me Against Me. We have a wide range of members from different backgrounds. We have officers, firefighters, veterans, personal trainers, your traditional soccer moms, cancer survivors, recovering addicts, the list goes on and on. We look for members who aren’t interested in competing with anyone else, but focus on themselves to be better than they were yesterday in all aspects of life not just OCR. Also, anyone who is interested can go to our team website. Fill out and submit the online membership form at www.meagainstme.org 

What was the motivation to create Team MAM?

Their were two motivating factors to start this team. The first was to found people to participate with at OCR events because all my friends think I’m crazy for paying to get dirty and push myself to the limits. Second, was for the people who show up to events alone and kind of stay off in the corner by themselves. The OCR community has shown me nothing but love and support, so I want others to feel it as well.
How many medals have you earned? I have earned 15 medals in 10 OCR events
What is or favorite medal? What is the story behind that medal? My favorite medal is from Rugged Maniac. The reason being is because I ran with my wife (her 3rd OCR) and my son was there as well. He had a blast. Even though he is 2, he was inching to get out there and participate. I ran 2 laps that day, so I gave him one of them. I can’t wait for all 3 of us to participate in an OCR event together.
Share with us a time when you had to face yourself to become the person you are today?

Man ol man, the struggle is real for me to become the best husband and father I can be. Me and my brother grow up being cared for by our grandmother. It’s tough not seeing what a husband or father is supposed to do, act or even how to show love. This is by far my toughest obstacle and I work daily to make sure my wife and child know that they are loved.

Will we see you at the OCR World Championships?

Yes, you will and about 20 other members as well. I’m looking to run all 3 events that weekend.
Has Team MAM had any podiums?

Here are a couple of podiums I remember. Recently member Jessie Keith (ocr__jessie) took second in the open wave at BoneFrog Ga. Member Robert Brannan (bobertbrannanocr) has taken 1st overall at Jailbreak Challenge in Ga, 3rd overall at Terrain Race ATL, 1st in AG at Hotlanta 5K. Member Taylor Huffman (roanoke_spartan) has taken 3rd in AG at Rotor Run 5k in Va. 

Any shoutouts you’d like to give?

First, I would like to thank my wife for allowing such an expensive and time consuming hobby. Second to all the wonderful team members who make Team Me Against Me great. We have a such a great group of people. A huge shoutout to Inspyr Socks and all potential sponsors who believe in the community we are building. Last but not least to you MedalAddict for this interview and all you do for the OCR community. I know people love seeing their pictures reposted for #MedalMonday or #FireJumpFridays.