Team Moss: “From That Point on We’ve Raced Together, even our Wedding was a Race”

Introducing #TeamMoss:
Written by: Jason Moss
Both of our initial experiences with OCR involved friends saying, “Hey you wanna sign up for this race?”  Mine was a Warrior Dash in 2011 and hers was a Tough Mudder in 2012.  From the first mud puddle, we were hooked.  I met IMG_1291Heather on my FB fitness page when she posted proudly her pictures from Tough Mudder.  Not one to let a good ribbing go I told her she hadn’t raced until she had done a Spartan. She took the bait and we met face to face for the first time on Blue Mountain.

From that point on we’ve raced together: even our wedding was a race….


 Heather has always pushed me to work harder.  Her drive has been my motivation to take my fitness to the next level. Before each race, we always kiss each other for good luck.  We also have other pre-race routines.  We hydrate with a Pedialyte/Chia seed IMG_1238mix and our pre-race meal is sushi.
Race Day
On race day, we suit up in our Team Sinergy arm sleeves, Athletics8 gear, and Icebug shoes.  Race day fuel consists of honey packets and mustard.
Our race weekends are a little unorthodox.  We typically get in the car after work Friday, drive through the night, hop out of the car, get on the start line and race.

I have yet to be disappointed with a Battlefrog race venue.  Charlotte was no different.  Beard, once again, lived up to his reputation for a phenomenal course. While it was not the most technical terrain, the multiple game-changing upper body intensive obstacles made the difference.

There were 6 of note:
Platinum Rig #1-a series of ropes, nunchucks, flat and round monkey bars: don’t forget to hit the bell
Hooyah-launch up and off a narrow ledge of wood 3′ off the ground to the top of the wall 8′IMG_1228 above it, with a fun slide on the other side
Monkey Bars– A-frame style with rolling pvc at bars 4 and 6
Wedge Wall– Two of the five walls were hand only holds
Platinum Rig #2– More bars, ropes, and nunchucks, oh my!
Tip of the Spear-Because there wasn’t enough hands only work on the wedge wall
As always, the Rigs were my favorite obstacles, focusing on upper body and grip strength.  The majority of the trail was a flat single track, lending itself to a fast course.  
The Elite and Master Elite male and female participants are some of the best in the sport.  As this was a Regional race, the corral was stacked.
  138 elite started.  28 crossed the finish line with their bands intact. 

I believe mandatory obstacle completion levels the playing field. To be a true obstacle course racing athlete, you must train to complete.
The high energy on the course was contagious.  From the open wave participants to the volunteers, all were positive and encouraging. Although the elite wave is highly competitive, as true warriors, we root for each other to complete each obstacle.  We challenge each other not to give up, not to quit, but to push beyond our limits.
Race Venue
The race venue was well organized, the bag check efficient, and the porta potties were clean.  Lastly I must give props to the photographers.  They are the first to provide you a smile and capture your epic moments on the course.
My epic moment came when I crossed the finish line and was told I had just placed 
1st in Master’s Elite.  
I was in disbelief and thought there had been a mistake.  While I train and race hard, I never imagined standing at the top of the podium.  I was further amazed to be told that in this young sport of OCR…
  I am the first African-American male to stand 1st on the podium.  I am humbled and honored.  
This sport has called to me as well as my wife and we will continue to answer that call together.  The ability to race and be part of such a tight knit community fills us with happiness and joy.
Our finish at Charlotte has qualified us to race at OCR World Championships, so a road trip to Canada it is.
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