Pro. Wrestling Champion ‘PB Smooth’ talks to MedalAddict


You are one of the few unicorns in Professional Wrestling granted your nickname is the SEVEN FOOT SAVAGE. Is there a certain level of professionalism and expectation when you step foot in the ring?

Generally speaking, I feel most giants in the business are expected to be methodical paced, power guys.  However, I believe the era of wrestling is changing. It is more acceptable to see big guys that are more mobile and athletic, such as a Keith Lee. I am fortunate to have the size advantage over most guys, but I also have speed and agility, so I try to mix everything in and see what works best for me. It’s just a matter of choosing the right times to do certain things.
Have you had any negative experiences with your fellow wrestlers?

Honestly no. Everyone that I’ve met has been extremely supportive and helpful to my career. I’ve only been working matches for about 6 months, so I am very big on the learning aspect. I listen to feedback from veterans and my trainers to see where I can improve. I believe that I’m viewed as the guy in the locker room that is “Humble and Hungry,” to get better, so I think a lot of guys respect me for that.

When you first debuted, you hit Wrestling legend Shane Douglas over the head with a chair. What was that experience like? Why’d you do it?

In my opinion, that was the greatest debut I could’ve possibility had. Not many people can say they smashed a trashcan on top of the first ever ECW Heavyweight Champion’s head! At the time, I was hired as a bodyguard for J-Rocc of the Cleveland Mafia, but nobody knew. Not the commissioner, not the locker room, not the fans. I saw an opportunity to help J-Rocc defeat Shane Douglas and I took advantage of it. The fan reaction was awesome.13433301_245744529129297_9115537982734481375_o
Your trainer Johnny Gargano recently signed on to become a full-time NXT WWE Superstar. What is it like training under “Johnny Wrestling”, someone with not only a lot of experience but also much more smaller than you are (Put over Johnny Gargano and your Wrestling school here)

Answer: Johnny is great. I originally started out training for the Pro Wrestling Rampage (PWR) promotion in Erie, Pa under “Omega” Aaron Draven, who is another great Indy guy. I learned a lot there and towards graduation of that wrestling school, I enrolled at the Absolute Intense Wrestling School in Cleveland, Ohio, where Johnny is the head trainer. I basically wanted to continue my learning and growth as a wrestler, so seeking more training seemed like the best option. Although Johnny is a smaller guy, he has a lot of knowledge as to what WWE looks for in their talent and even their big guys, so it makes the 2-hour commute every week worth it.
Who are your wrestling role Models? Have you met any of them? What was the best advice you’ve received?

To be honest, I’ve never been big on the word role model. There are definitely people that I respect and appreciate in terms of helping me along the way, but I kind of want to build my own success story, rather than emulate someone else’s and follow their footsteps. When I think of the word role model, I think of someone that you are trying to pattern yourself out to be like, and for me I’d rather create the first PB Smooth than another someone else. I don’t mean to come off brash, but that may very well just be my New York Pride speaking. As for advice, it was two words: STAND TALL!IMG_8752

I vividly remember walking through the parking lot to an Indy Show with John McChesney in New York one time and walking past the Sandman. He looked at us and immediately said, “Make sure the big guy stands tall in the ring!” I have been told that before, but right then I realized just how big I am and how much my size matters in the squared circle.


The NWO. The Wolf Pack. DX. The Main Event Mafia.  The Bullet Club. The Elite. And now the Riot Squad. It appears the Riot Squad is heavily influenced by these factions. Can you talk about that?

Simply put, with the Riot Squad, we took a little bit of influence from all of the most popular groups in wrestling’s history and put our own spin on it. We took the suck it from DX, but nothing else. We took the wolfpack hand sign from NWO, but nothing else. We added our own spin with throwing in bandanas, handshakes and different tag moves. “Omega” Aaron Draven is the daredevil with no regards for his safety, Colby Redd just wants to come in the ring and kick everyone’s face off, and I’m the powerhouse that wants to throw people around and talk crap doing it. We have great chemistry and it works.

What are your thoughts on the rise of Black Wrestlers? In ROH, Jay Lethal holds the ROH World Title; Bobby Lashley holds the X Division and World Title in TNA, and The New Day are the longest reigning Tag Team Champions of all time in WWE.

I think it’s a great time for Black Wrestlers! I’ve always loved wrestling because (in my opinion) it seems to draw in people from all different backgrounds. When you go to a wrestling show, you see such a diverse fan base, Black people, White people, Hispanic people, Asian people, the list goes on. It is one of those things that I feel brings people together from different ethnicities and allows them to express themselves in a positive way. With the world we live in today, I feel that is something we as a people need.  The wrestling world seems very inviting for Black talent, as well as other talent and I couldn’t be happier with that.

What was the biggest mistake you’ve made on the Indy scene? What happened?

Putting rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and not labeling it. I won’t do that again!

When is your next wrestling appearance?

August 13th at Pro Wrestling Rampage. The Riot Squad takes on Andre Kanan Alexander, JJ Rumham, and a “Mystery Partner” in a 3 on 3 Cage match. I’m not really someone that anybody should want to be locked inside a cage with, but we will see how it goes haha.

13528193_252218491815234_333006303211730222_oAre you in talks with any Wrestling companies? (NJPW, TNA, WWE, ROH….)

I’m currently not. I still have a lot to learn and room for improvement, but hopefully in the near future.




Every wrestler sells gear. Where can we find yours?

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Who is YOUR Favorite 7 foot wrestler? Why?

Mine would have to be the Undertaker. He is big, athletic, and makes everything he does mean something. He knows how to engage the crowd and was someone I enjoyed watching as a child. He also isn’t selfish and gives a lot to the business. I respect what he does and I enjoy studying his work.

What do you think you can add to today’s wrestling climate?

That is simple. I add the SEVEN FOOT SAVAGE. The power of a giant, with glimpses speed and agility you don’t normally see. I bring New York City swag, shown by my look and demeanor and on the microphone. I bring the hunger and intensity of a wild beast, and combine it with the focus of a man with no peripheral vision. In a few years you will see what I mean.

Any shoutouts?

Big shoutout to MedalAddict for taking the time to conduct this interview! Much appreciated!