OCR Buddy 101: The New OCR Mobile App by Founder Russ Blatt

OCR Buddy, among other things, is a mobile calendar application that puts together a large database of events so users don’t have to go website to website or user spreadsheets or whiteboards anymore.  We do the work so the users no longer have to. Currently we have four countries, with over 1400 events in our database…including over 800 in the United States.
You know how it sucks to go from website to website, back and forth to figure out a schedule? No longer. We continually search the internet and we do all the work for you and through OCR Buddy, you always have your schedule right there in your mobile phone.
Users can also enter events to be approved and added to the database. A beauty of OCR Buddy is that no one event is bigger than another, because we want everyone to maximize their OCR Schedule. I firmly believe that this sport will grow with more opportunities for people to attend races, from the international brands to the local ones. OCR Buddy gives everyone that opportunity.
It has many other uses and purposes and have been well reviewed to date.
We have the ability to have buddies where you can see their schedules so people can work together to set up schedules.  We have teams so people can be part of their race teams to find new buddies and to also help coordinate their schedules.
Each event in our database has many filter so you can see all of our races or be as specific as you wish.  There are 10 filters total.
I believe this only the beginning.  We have a few updates coming that will even further better the user experience and we are just trying to get the word out.
Still creating your 2017 race calendar? The mobile app OCR Buddy is a must-have for veteran and new OCR Enthusiast! The app is convient, simple to use, and with a swipe of a finger, MedalAddict’s can select their events with ease. Finally, an app where you can customize your races and calendar while making a buddy. The app cost $1.99 on iTunes and Google Play, which can turn away racers who already have their calendar’s completed and joined an OCR Community via social media.
However, should OCR Buddy continue to upgrade their app while maintainig it’s simplisticity the app should do well!!
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