Mudnificent7 Review – August 13th, 2016


Written by: Wil C.

The Mudnificent7 – A combination of 7 race brands creating 1 unique Obstacle race in the United Kingdom.

Obstacle Race Magazine(ORM) brought a new concept in races with ‘Mud7’ last year. It has been around 11 months since I booked this year’s race. Such was the fun I had, I booked my ticket as soon as I could for 2016!

2016 had a different line up with ‘Zeus Races’, ‘Rocket Races’, ‘Bigfoot’, ‘Rock Solid’, ‘The Gathering’, ‘Go Hard’ and finally ‘Reaper Races’ who hosted Mud7 once again.

Unfortunately, ‘Go Hard’ and ‘The Gathering’ pulled out very late on, however ‘The Color Run’ stepped in to take their spot.

Overall as a race, this was a 7KM Obstacle run mostly within the woods and the last 2km out in the open. A solid 7/10. My main grumble would be the use of cargo nets, I think each race brought one, so I crawled at least 7 times, in an “ordinary” race, you would only expect to see 2 nets tops.

Taken as separate sections  there were definitely winners in who “brought it to the party”.

The Zeus Races section was first, and although they brought the atmosphere with all of their marshals in fancy dresses and the noise they were making, the type of obstacles and the narrowness of the section made for long queues early on. Zeus would have benefited from being later, once the field had been stretched out.

Bigfoot had a unique coconut shie, with those who managed to win a coconut and get it to the finish line winning an extra prize.

As two races pulled out, The Color Run stepped in and powder paint, which made the “trail run” sections a bit more colorful. Kudos for their support in less than a week before the race.

Reaper was the penultimate section and very Obstacle heavy. Starting with “Mama Mia” a scale up a wall and then down a water slide into water. Ending with a long section which included a sheep dip, rope traverse and dragon’s back jump.

Rock Solid was the final section with some “solid” obstacles including reverse walls, 10ft walls, stepping stones and a wall climb up to the finish line.

My opinion is that all the sections situated within the woods may have benefitted from a section in the open, giving them options to bring “big builds”. The race as a whole would have worked better if each of the race directors talked about what they were bringing as many obstacles were repeated too many times.

The event village had a great atmosphere with a large selection of food, gear and races to spend your money on. Pretty much anyone who was anyone was there and served as a great way to catch up with familiar faces you get to know when out running. The start line was a great spot with the obligatory warm up by Alex of ORM whilst the finish line was straight into the event village and bag drop.

Car parking was really close and weather was great so bag drop wasn’t necessary. Medal (featured pictured) was the same design as 2015 with a different ribbon, whilst the shirt was also the same design but in a different color.

There were a huge amount of photographers out on course meaning there were plenty of chances to pose.


As an event this is a solid 9/10 and will always be in my calendar.

The race is 7/10 with just a few changes to bring this score up.