MedalAddict Bryan’s HH ATL: When I say I didn’t really know what I was doing, I didn’t know what I was doing

The Hurricane heat in Atlanta, I signed up. 
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I read a very small bio on what it was. When I say I didn’t really know what I was doing, I didn’t know what I was doing. I watched a few YouTube videos and read a few other blogs and the only thing I got out of all of that was I was still completely unsure of what I was getting myself into.
The week before finally came and we got an email about required gear we needed to bring and the first thing that came to mind was “peanuts? a green stick? duct tape?”
 I knew that this was going to be crazy, it was going to be epic and the word came out that there was close to 300 people that had signed up and it was the largest HH to date.
We were required to bring a: 
  1. 2ft section of a broom handle painted green with 3 peanuts attached to the stick somehow 
  2. A roll of duct tape
  3. Sharpie markers
  4. Head lamp
  5. Glow sticks
  6. Fuels, water and a pack. 
Nothing had made any sense and all of the items seemed off the wall. What could we be doing with a green stick? building a bridge, making a ladder, image7carrying it around because one of the instructor liked the color green?
       The time finally arrived, the event started at 6pm…well, 4:45 we were lined up in 4 teams based on last names.
This person showed up late………. burpees. 
That person showed up late………  burpees.
Not the right gear……………………. burpees. 
See the trend? I am fairly certain that we did roughly 200 burpees right off the bat, and it wasn’t quite 5pm. 1 hour until we are scheduled to start. Team building is the name of the game, the warrior ethos, you can’t work together, you can’t finish.  One person makes a mistake, you don’t travel as a team, you cant count to 47, you will hear about it.
They forced 227 people who didn’t know one another (for the most part) to work as one unit.
     My team of 47 people were lucky enough to test the hoses in the race clean off area to make sure they worked, for 20 minutes.  I am sure they didn’t want us to dirty up the race mud with our clean clothes. While we were laying on the ground showering one another with ice cold water, the other teams got to clean off in the rain we were making while everyone was reciting the warrior ethos.

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It was cold, I mean cold.
I looked around and saw my team all shivering,
teeth chattering, swearing, trying to think warm thoughts….it wasn’t working. it was miserable, it was cold, the sun was setting.  I looked at my watch, I nearly threw up.  My watched showed me 5:50pm. 10 minutes until we are scheduled to start.
After I had regained myself and had everything process in my mind, I knew it was time to start the event. It was 6pmNow, if you’re not a people person or don’t like listening to ideas that someone has or in our case, being duct taped to one another, this won’t be for you. If you like this idea, please, read on.
We got intimate with a partner. I wont go into much detail on exactly what we did on the 4 events because I am aware some ideas start at one HH and evolve into a better idea at the next. Now, each event last roughly an hour, some feel like a lifetime, but rest assured they are very close to 60 minutes each. Also, what I will do is provide a brief overview of the events.
 Event 1) it was basically 2 people duct taped together. If you think that it sounds easy, let me push this idea at you: Duct taped at the wrist and ankle, climbing the A frame cargo net, crab walking and rolling up hill….
Event 2: Think the barb wire crawl, taped together at the wrist in teams of 14, crawling and rolling, together. This particular mud was actually nice; the sun was finally gone, it was getting close to 50 degrees and cold. The mud was still warm from the sun, it was nice to finally be neck deep in something warmer than 40 degree water.
Event 3: it was called “Son of a M*%$&% F&*@!$. This one was simple. Very simple, in fact. They said “pick up this telephone pole and follow me.” It was nothing more than a nice hike in the woods, with the team carrying an 800lb piece of wood, up and down hills, around trees and back to where we started. Like I said, simple.
Event 4: More team work, Lets just says we used our green nut stick more than we wanted too (please refer to the first part about the required gear list we had for our heat). Naturally, we couldn’t do it correctly. Burpees for days.
We did it, we completed the Hurricane Heat, class HH-080.
We were quite a distance away from where we had started the event.  We marched military style back to the start. Everyone was covered head to toe in mud, worn out and tired. We all lined up in the teams we started in. They checked their list of names with everyone to verify no one was lost on the course.
Some questions I would like to answer:
Would I do it again? 
I am already signed up for the Wintergreen HH12hr in September. So yes, I would 100% do it again.
Did the cold bother me?
Yes, I had a 40 minute drive back to my hotel in downtown Atlanta I didn’t warm up until the next morning, it was miserable cold. But we all survived.
Was safety taken into consideration? 
Yes, they were very mindful of true health condition and emergencies. I will give Spartan credit, If you were honestly hurt, they weren’t going to let you keep going. Thankfully, everyone finished safely.  I will say there was a woman at the start that raised her hand and said she required an inhaler.  She was required to carry it with her on her person at all times in the event she needed it, safety was truly first here. I was very impressed.
The Warrior Ethos, will I ever forget it? 
No, not because we repeated it literally 7,000 times in 4 hours but because, whether you work in an office, a military member or a firefighter (like myself, military combat veteran and firefighter) it will apply to everyday life for that day forward.
This event will change your life. You may have been to combat in the heart of the war, you may have never done anything like this in your life. Doctors, military members, stay at home moms, firefighters, rock quarry workers, seasoned Spartan races and folks that started their journey in 2016. We all walked in strangers.  We all did the same thing, every single one of us. We all were tired, cold and wet. We left that event as friends on a first name basis.
I am a better person because of that event. I am mentally stronger, smarter and I know the best way to help my team carry a big ass log.
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