Medal Addict, defined

Medal Addict (n) : A person who competes for glory and gold. Can be found stretching and doing Burpees on the starting line of the Elite Heat in every race. Often covered in blood, sweat, and mud.

A Medal Addict can be found in all of us, you don’t need the biggest muscles or spend hours in the gym.  A Medal Addict is both curious and competitive and has the desire to challenge themselves.
I didn’t know I was a medal addict until I felt the cold metal hit my bare chest after one of the hardest races I had experienced…..
Welcome to my blog, Medal Addict. Medal Addict is a blog for those who, like me, desire to better themselves and medaling at a Marathon or Obstacle Course Race at any difficulty. And why not? Memories are sweet but bragging rights are much better around your neck than on your shorts or shirt. If your spending money on any race, why not do one where you receive something to remember it by? Get fit, share your story and get the medal.
Instagram: @MedalAddict