Hamstrings and Pools

Marathons are boring as hell.
All you’re asked to do is to pay $100 to run the terrain and enjoy the “Beautiful scenery during the (insert #) annual so-and-so marathon presented by a random sponsor.” See you at 8am!
Yeah, I’ll stick to Obstacle Course Racing. Thanks.
….5 years later, I signed up for the Trenton Half-Marathon and finished in 2:02. My results taught the need to continue improving my speed, endurance and training.
More so, I found the Trenton Half-Marathon to be  amazing!  Who would have thought the Medal Addict would find a standard race course to be so serene? So eventful? And so…..PAINFUL?!?!
I learned that I can suffer pretty well.
So today, I’m going to provide highlights of my training and of how you can soothe/prevent aches and pains for the unexpected hamstring pull.
#1 “Be Ready, so You won’t have to GET Ready”
The above quote is an old saying from our Lord and Savior of the Independence Day Alien Invasion, Actor Will Smith.
I under-estimated the course. When training for a marathon, you’ll need to remember that this is NOT a race. The best time was 1:17 for 13.1 miles, so unless you’re an Olympian, chill out.
Therefore, training as you do a “Spartan Race” or “Battlefrog” will not do much good for 13.1 miles. Why? You need upper body strength, and the runner must also prepare their core and leg muscles.
Heading into this course, I hardly did any leg days in the few weeks prior to the Half-Marathon. As always, I figured I would would walk away from yet another race injury-free with tightened legs and even higher confidence. I was badly mistaken. And now I am paying for this.
The best way to prep for a marathon is to train your core and hamstrings/glutes in every workout sessions possible. Failure to do so is failing to plan. I failed to do this on a consistent basis. Be ready.
#2 Never Stop Dreaming
For the last 4 weeks I have been headphone-less for several of my workouts. Why? Because I can mentally distract myself without any assistance- I wanted to day dream without any additional weight on my body.
On the course, I found myself day-dreaming at least 90% of the race. The pain subsides and the race, naturally, goes by much more quickly. Plus you can smile to yourself knowing you’re crazy for running the highways of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
What do I daydream about? Podium finishes, the glory, attaining my future goals, and of course finishing the race. Anything and everything you can think of to forget that you’re running up-hill for certain parts of the terrain.
One of my sponsors, STEREOTYPECO, provides gear that inspire the wearer to be daring and fashionable. But most importantly, StereoTypeCo mantra is to never stop dreaming. Trust me, it helps when you’re on Mile 2 and your hamstring begins to talk….DREAM ON.
#3 Community
I love the Obstacle Course Community for the relationships, the encouragement and the constant need to improve. No politics, just performance and accomplishment.
Heading into Trenton, I had already acquainted myself with Black Men Run Founder Jason Russell via an interview he did for MedalAddict.com. So, for one day I was semi-affiliated with his group. And let me tell you, seeing so many BMR members from different parts of the country was awe-inspiring.
No one cares how anyone looked, their drama nor their performance. We had all finished. All 3,000 of Trrenton-Half Marathon/5K/10K participants.
And when someone was hurt along the course(I saw quite a few folks along the course stretching and cramping), no one might have slowed down but they expressed concern. That was inspiring to watch and to be a part of.
#4 Prescription
As mentioned earlier, nothing talks quite as loud as an injury. And with perspective, I figured out why this had happened.
A. I had STRENGTHTAPE applied to one knee, and not the other
B. I did NOT stretch long enough prior to the start of the race
C. I.skipped.Leg Days.
And there’s no excuse for that.
StrengthTape should be applied to both knees to balance my weight for freakin 13.1 miles…..I believe the added weight was shifted to the other knee and just made for a mess.
Stretching is vital for obvious reasons.This has taught me how to better prepare my pre-race regimen.
And leg days? Well, yeah don’t be me lol.
The following day, I missed Spartan Race in Fenway Park. We stayed home watching you guys have fun while using the following items to recover the leg:
Motrin PM
Ice Packs.
This weekend I nurse a hamstring and sit out from Spartan race in Fenway.
Next weekend I take in the a Rocky Balboa Run in Philadelphia. The following day I compete in the NYS Tae Kwon Do Governors Cup for forms and Breaking.
I need his leg to heal.
And I will medal at both events.?