Exclusive INTERVIEW with S. Rod: “I will chase a chicken for a medal”


The Jester of Facebook page ‘Spartan 4-0’ has alot on his mind.
And he ain’t holdin’ back!
So, hide your profile pics, save the kids, and block him if you can before
Samuel Rodriguez makes a  meme out of you!!!

Mr. Rodriguez, you’re a troublemaker. What inspired you to build so many custom Memes for the Spartan 4-0 Facebook page?

It kinda just happened. I have a hard time being serious because I work in an Emergency Room and see that life is too short to be mad. I made one meme and they took off from there. They became a way for me to express myself. At this point they’ve taken a life of their own .

You should get sponsored for the meme generator you used, don’t you think?

They may be the ones charging me 🙂 . I actually create them from anything. I screen shot pictures or people actually send requests. Most importantly, I meme myself. No one is safe, but I’m not cruel. It’s always in good fun .


How did you get into Obstacle Course racing? 

4 years ago some friends from work invited me to a run. I had no idea what I was getting into. My first race was Rugged Maniac and I was so out of shape I almost died, but it made me want more. 

Which race is your favorite? 
My favorite so far is Spartan Race , but I’m not one of these race snobs. I will chase a chicken for a medal 🙂 . I plan on fitting a few battle frogs and savage races into the mix this year . 

What is your biggest fear and how do you use your humor to overcome those fears?
Well I’m blind from one eye and have always had the possibility of losing my vision for good . I joke about it , because it really could be worse . I was told I would be blind by 21 . I’m 42 and can look into my children’s eyes everyday .I’d say that’s something to smile about .

How many Medals do you own? Which medal is your favorite?

I own 9 , but that’s because for the first 2 years Rugged wasn’t giving them out. My favorite medal is the last one I earned. Spartan Beast , because that race was not supposed to happen . We couldn’t afford it , we didn’t have the time and it was too far. Then …. All of a sudden, South Carolina opened up a Sunday. It wasn’t supposed to happen , but it did .

You recently posted a meme telling Spartans that your jokes Are not meant to offend someone. What happened? Did you apologize?
I apologize for NOTHING !!!!! 🙂 

There was no apology to make . I simply realized that our group ” Spartan 4-0″ had grown.  So many new people had joined and I wanted to give them a disclaimer of what to expect from me .

You are a family man. 
Are there plans to have the family participate in an OCR Race? 

Absolutely !!!! My son will be doing Citi-field with me this year and the little one has to wait another year . I want them to want it , I don’t want them to feel forced . However I may bribe them with cookies 🙂

How does your family react to your OCR Races with your Medical history?  Aren’t you worried?

I have had 11 surgeries in my right we due to detached retina from a birth defect and being born prematurely .
6 years ago I started losing the vision in my left eye. The doctors told me , this could be it but they would try. 20 years after my first surgery I was facing the odds again. However this time and so far it worked.  The kicker here is that the doctor who preformed the surgery and made it work , was the student of the doctor who tried to repair my other eye but couldn’t save it. 
I am stubborn and h the to think I didn’t try something . 
I’ve had my ass handed to me many times on those obstacles , but its never been from not trying.
Water obstacles can be scary , but I’ll use goggles if I think it’s gonna be deep. I have a gogo gadget bag ready with anything I need, even an extra contact lens .   
Spartan 4-0 is the Frathouse of Sparta. We see workout pics, half naked pics, and then your funny face. 
How do you deal with the pressure of so many features at once?
The group is absolutely crazy, but I love it.  There is no pressure.  You either feel the love or you don’t . Once a thread catches fire , it’s on . However if it doesn’t , it gets lost in thread hell.  We may have a frat house rep , but trust me , there are monsters coming out of that tribe . The training opportunities , the bonds that are being formed are amazing . 
How do you plan to improve in the off-season?
I’m working on more cardio. I’m more like a rhino than a gazelle , but I’m trying . The way I feel like I’ll improve in the off season is to remember that I do this for fun, but struggling up Mount Kick Yo A$$ is not fun.  
I’m gonna just keep moving forward. 
You recently called me(MedalAddict) out and said that I better post a picture of your medals or else. 
Why should MedalAddict feature you and what would those consequences be if I didn’t? 
 I actually said that jokingly, because anyone killing those courses deserves to be featured . I just happen to know who runs the medal addict site. 
 I also have 4000 other members who I can send his picture to.  I’m not saying I would meme Medal Addicts , I’m saying I have one ready just in case . Which BTW …I may use it anyway 😉
Any shoutouts you want to give? 


I wanna give a huge thank you to my wife Michelle MRod324 (IG) for supporting me ( She pays for the races 🙂   and encouraging me to keep going , My Brother/ partner Andre Rodriguez for always pushing me , my friend Nancy Rodriguez for providing a constant reminder that “I CAN”, Spartan 4-0 for allowing me to be myself with no judgement and Medal Addict , for letting a regular guy feel a little less ordinary.