Elvi Guzman: “The Medal Addiction Represents The Sacrifices We Put into The Gym”

Can you #ConquerYourChallenges?
Elvi Guzman, CEO & Founder of City Challenge Race and the Medal Addict scheduled a phone interview regarding the growth of City Challenge Race of what Challengers can expect for the 2016 race season.
City Challenge Race CEO & Founder Elvi Guzman
Throughout our interview, Mr. Guzman was both personable and extremely humble. He is always seeking to improve the City Challenge Race course and was open to our suggestions for the new year!

As his Facebook ‘About Me’ section states: “Hardwork truly does pay off”.


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1. Thank you for taking this interview! Our first question is, how did you come about creating City Challenge?

Thanks for having me, Medal Addict. I started brainstorming City Challenge Race in 2013. I was in a transition for employment, but I also had a background as a personal trainer, so I was fitness minded. . So, myself and about 40(forty) others did a Spartan Race in Citifield and we had a great time. A few weeks later they did another one in Mt. Creek. One thing lead to another at that point. But these locations are far, and we noticed  that after each of these Mud-races there were always an enormous amount of sneakers being thrown away. Plus, these races are expensive.

That’s when a light-bulb struck my head to create an Urban Obstacle Run where people can drive or take a train to reduce customer expenses.


2. What are your duties and responsibilities as Founder/ Creator of City Challenge?

I am everything. I am the Founder, CEO and Creator of City Challenge Race.
My duties are from “A-Z”.  I have a Public Relations person, a Web-builder, and 45+ people to supervise. I also create and supervise the setup of obstacles within a limited time-frame.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, I believe the only way to succeed is to run your own company.

3. How has City Challenge stood out among other Obstacle Course races?
City Challenge Race is local. However, we have unique obstacles granted we are the only Obstacle Course Race with a concrete block carry and police cars.
We absolutely despised those concrete block carry at City Challenge-Hoboken, Mr. Guzman. Yet in the long run, that was probably our favorite part of the race!
I heard. We desire to keep our races and events for every level of obstacle course racer and we plan to become bigger and better.
City Challenge Race is as challenging as any other race. Hoboken, for example, had 29 obstacles. The Spartan Beast has about 30 obstacles. So  I definitely wouldn’t call City Challenge a beginner’s course, but our course is obstacle heavy.

4. You seem very active in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. How many medals do you own? How many medals do you have for the 2015 season?

Probably about 60 medals. I attend all the race events within a 25-mile radius.

This year, maybe 12.

5. Can city challengers expect more or new upper body obstacles in the 2016 race season?

Not sure yet for 2016, we are currently game planning. There will be new obstacles to challenge athletes. We have discussed the possibility of adding ring rigs, but this may be difficult. But, there is much more discussion to be had.

6. Are there plans for a New Medal in 2016?
Yes. We want to change the medal every year. In 2013, our medal was also a bottle opener. In 2014, we produced the round medal.
This year’s medal (2015) you see someone jumping over a car. That is an actual picture!
That’s awesome! Who is on the coveted City Challenge Medal?
Yeah! His name is Robert Uhlman, great guy.

The idea for the medal was from our good friend, Sandy Hendrick.

7. With so many medals and the only Obstacle Course Race to feature an actual runner, how have you used your Medal Addiction to Inspire Others?

The medal addiction represents the accomplishment of the sacrifices we put into the gym.

It represents having a healthier lifestyle as far as diet and exercise is concerned. At the end of the race, the medal is the last thing we receive.
Having a race that recognizes that accomplishment is simply wonderful because we all receive an award for crossing the finish line.

8. Quite a few of our followers are interested in City Challenge outside of the Tri-State.
 Are there new cities to be added to the City Challenge 2016 calendar?
Looking at Philly, Washington, Boston. But we want  to stay close to home(Tri-State).
Please let Philly happen!
Well, we did Miami this year but we experienced some challenges we didn’t expect. While the event was successful, there is too much that can go wrong when bringing obstacles from another state.

9. Any timetable for the 2016 schedule?
Hopefully by Mid-January.

10.  Several Obstacle Courses grant participants entry into the Obstacle Course Race World Championship(OCRWC). Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder just to name a few.

Is City Challenge being considered for next year’s OCRWC?

We currently do not have a partnership with OCRWC. Not all races are included with OCRWC. 

However, we are open to it. 
City Challenge Race does not have Mud and the majority of attendees do not want Mud. People are afraid of possible diseases from mud racing as we have seen in the news.
Yeah, we heard about a few cases in Europe.
Yup. And you’ll hear and read about that in the states. 

11. Any shoutouts you’d like to give? 

Thank you to the fans for dedicating themselves to a healthier lifestyle. We are happy to provide a platform to represent their accomplishments.