3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Ambassadorships and Sponsors


Sponsor: ” Have you tried our products before?” You: uhhhhhhhh…..

They say the best things in life are free, but does that  apply to the growing sport of Obstacle Course Racing? 
It does.
When we tune into The Spartan Race specials on NBC, you’d swear there are sponsors giving away opportunities for everything. And who wants to be left out of that?  
For example, the most common gear either on the television and the obstacle race course are always the following. Tell me I’m wrong:
Need a watch? Tom-Tom/Garmin
Need shoe laces? Snaplaces
Need Athletic wear? JustSaiyanGear/Athletics8/Hylete
Need shoes? Icebug/Salomon/Reeboks
Need training? Crossfit Sanctuary
Need food? Cliffbars
Need training equipment? Wreckbag, Gripsling
Need fashion apparel? StereotypeCo 
Need water? OralIV
Need healing? StrengthTape
(See what I did there? You’re welcome.)
But for most out there, you don’t have any of these. In fact, the majority  of  this list has already closed their sponsorship applications.
But for those opportunities that are available, this is not because you had a bad application but an  possibly an important aspect in your application that you may have overlooked. More on that in a second.
In the fastest growing sport in the world, good sponsor/ambassadorship opportunities are available.  And with these opportunities, some of us cannot afford to be unprepared. Allow me to.  finish…..
What is expected of an ambassador and sponsorship?
Myth: I’ll have unlimited products for life!
Fact: No.
Myth: I’ll get paid. Royalty checks for days!
Fact: NO.
Myth: I’ll have commercials and free press. Acting career, here I come!!
Fact: Bye Felicia….
I’ll make this clear and concise of what you’re signing up for. First of all, you are SELECTED to represent an existing brand. Throw your entitlement out the window and expect NOTHING. Why? Because you kinda need them more,l than they need to give you a free shirt or a free pair of shoes.
As my boy Mark at JustSaiyanGear told me in the DM’s, “Bro, I don’t sell merchandise I sell dreams”. To me, Mark wants you to have the same mentality when trying his product. I think we all should follow that mantra.
Second, once you are selected for your ambassadorship you had better read the fine print/agreement with your sponsor. Not only will you be representing “MedalAddict” on the course, but potentially on-camera. So represent well. Some of you might not enjoy the perks of the sponsor simply because the offer is too bone-dry or worse, YOU DONT EVEN LIKE THE PRODUCT!!!
Third, I know ALOT of MedalAddicts who are having their image used Profusely on social media. Looks good. Sounds good Like damn, can we get the same deals as Kobe and Lebron? No? Oh okay….
And that’s reality. Some of us are not making any money to reinvest into our races. And often we are not given proper credit, which sucks because that’s just the way the world works sometimes….with my sponsors I am blessed to receive residuals from my personal sales of the product. But that was either given to me or negotiated. And I was so glad I came to the negotiating table with a clear head and a love for their product before asking about money.
Okay, that’s enough preaching you to death.
3 Reasons why You Are Not Recieving Ambassadorships/ Sponsors
1. The CleanUp
This is probably the most important step before submitting your sponsor application. Image. How do you want to be perceived? What audience do you bring to your social media pages? And lastly, if you were that Sponsor, would YOU sponsor YOU??
Tough questions. Simple Solutions. Wise up.
Instagram is your friend. And what I have found is that, Instagram plays host to both Elite and Open wave competitors. Its an even-playing field. But what separates the ambassadors vs the applicants is one word: consistency. Consistency means that if your instagram account is for Yoga, then make it exclusive/dominant to Yoga. The moment you begin flooding your page with family, frat activities, and work related pictures you do yourself a disservice by broadening your page. Keep it simple. Hell, go back 100 weeks and begin deleting those pictures. Or even create a new Instagram page. Clean up.
Narrow the page down to one theme: fitness, mud-racing, food, medals, medal racks, stats.
I belabor this point but seriously, you cannot post yourself with your medals and then follow that with a derogatory off-the-wall post. Be smart.
2. Instagram/ Facebook page description
I was browsing and came across this description similar to this example below:
Elite Racer, Ultra-Beast, Tahoe finisher, blahblah winner, 1,911 medals and I’m in search of Sponsors please call (555)555-5555. Email: Contact@MedalAddict.com h
Guys, desperation is not your friend.
Instead, highlight your accomplishments. If you’re just starting out and/or want to get your feet wet, try posting an inspirational quote, remove your contact info, and be professional. Give the potential sponsor an outline of who you are, and your interest. Humility is key to a successful first impression.
3. Do Not Re-Invent the Wheel
One question will catch you off guard. Are you ready?
And trust me, each of my ambassadorship programs/sponsors have consistently asked this one question:
“Have you tried our product before?”
And then there’s this one , “Have you won any contest locally/regionally?”.
Let’s be honest. I haven’t. The majority of us haven’t.  And that’s okay! There are opportunities for you.
But at the least, try their product and let them know how much you’ve enjoyed it. Tag your pictures with their product. Make yourself stand-out.
My Sponsors:
And many more to go…..