21 Signs You Are a Medal Addict

1. You’ve friend-ed more Spartans/Battefrogs/ToughMudder/Warriors than actual people
2. You have joined at least 10 OCR pages since you’ve began
3. You check the same OCR website(or instagram) more than 5 times daily
4.  No one in your family understands why you go out every.single.weekend.
 4a. Someone has asked about your income to expenses and you got really offended or laughed yourself into insanity.
5. Your medal addiction affects your bank account
6. You drag your friends along to the race not knowing they only do it to support you. Nothing more.
7. You’ve saved at least 4 OCR memes to your phone
8. You have shopped for a medal rack at least twice a week
9. You sulked when you saw your friends in Tahoe
10. You sulked when you saw the exclusive spinning Tahoe medal
11. Youre mad as hell that someone tried to sell the World Chanpionship 2015 Medal on EBay
12. See that wall? I can climb that wall!!….
13. No medal? Pffft… Yeah, okay. NEXT!
14. You saw a ‘Go Ruck’ badge but can’t find a Ruck event until 2016.
15. You spend each day searching for Race photos to share instantly. They never come.
16. No fire jump? There goes your new Facebook cover photo….
17. The thought of a winter OCR intrigues you.
18. When you meet a fellow Medal Addict at a race and it’s like… Magic.
19. “It’s just Mud”- you when explaining mud-running.
No one understands.
20. The sight of monkey bars, rings, and barricades give a flashback to that last OCR.
21. The sound of medals clinging together is the sweetest sound.