10 Tips for Dating In The OCR World


10 tips for Dating in the OCR World

Written by: Crystal Love

I’m a single, pretty, happenin 43 year old woman who has recently discovered the Singles World of OCR. Prior to OCR I considered myself a circular dater for years. I enjoyed frequently meeting men for dinner and drinks 4-5 times a month. Since I’ve started OCR my focus on dating has seriously changed! Well first off my fitness has become my priority! And all those “regular” non-fitness dudes have become boring and stale.

13092018_1019102448166753_1891732491274820420_nNow there are a New Group of Exciting Men to drool over!!!!! OCR MEN!!! Many of them all sexy, fit and running around topless at races! Can I faint now! Why would any girl not want to be into OCR??? But with new these men come a new group of Obstacles I’ve encountered.

1- Distance!
So you meet this hopefully single hottie either online, in a FB group or at that one race you just bump into each other! It’s time to put on your spy glasses and start to dig deeper to get the 411 only to find out he lives in Chicago and you are in Jersey? Ugh! I already drive 5 hours for a 2 hour race! I would never drive 5 hours for a 2 hour date!

The Irony.

2- Everyone else wants him too!
Yeah you know he’s Hot! But so does every other girl and some guys in the OCR world! It’s not very big! I got races to be concerned with not every other girlie trying to pick him up! And if you if finally get to date him it’s a good chance he’s dated a few others in the not so big circle!


I don’t like seconds.
3- Conflicting Schedules
Trying to schedule life, gym and races is hard enough. Spending actual real time together is a luxury.
lunapic_132641067240856_4 4- No Money
Now we all know this thing called “Spartan Virus” that not only sucks up all our time but it also sucks up all our money on travel, fancy trail kicks, races, and supplements.

Who can afford a $50 movie when $150 shoes are a must have?money-animated-gif-14
5- Injuries
So you finally get the guy! But after all that time in the gym, running and racing thru obstacles, he’s injured! That means whatever free time he has he spends in recovery mode.


I can only sit on the couch icing a knee for so long.
6- The Internet
In this world of technology this is not only the only way to keep tabs on your dude but it really is the only way to keep in contact. Being busy with the day to day, FB messenger and twitter is the only way to communicate in between workouts and races.


So I’m back to stalking his FB timeline cause that’s the only time I have to waste.
7- Insecurity
In the world of regular people sexy isn’t the norm. Working out and running races keeps a body fit and trim. Everyone has wandering eyes.


Insecurities pop up that don’t happen when your dude has a dad bod.

8- Competition
You coined your last race and he hasn’t even broken into the top 10! How can you contain your joy when you are going to OCR WORLD and he’s only a journeyman.

shovel-girl-gifshovel-girl-gif zlNERj

You can’t hold yourself back when you know you got it.

9- Hobbies
So you both race and workout but you have no other common interests. OCR obsession is real but does he really care about your shoe collection or that you love to knit???


Racing was the glue that kept you interested in each other during race season and when that it’s over ho hum back to being yourself.
10- Neither of You Can Stop talking about your Races!!!
You find that dude who loves what you love but all you both talk about is racing. What races you have planned, what races you will travel too, what races you are running competitive. There is more to this world than races like cohabitation and kids but they never come up in a conversation. You begin to feel like you will always be in limbo.
I guess all this being said the Dating world of OCR is as complicated as dating the “boring guys” in the regular World, but he may run with you in a race!

I’m a hopeful Chick and I Refuse to give up on the possibility to find Love❤️
Hold on Brandon Martin just showed up on my FB timeline now that’s a dude and his monkey I gotta go stalk him some more! Kisses my Hopeful OCR Singles!!! Never Give up on Love??????❤️?


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  1. OMG- CRYSTAL- I HAVE BEEN THERE – and the guys never quit even when they are in a friggin relationship!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!

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